Petition to silence the Brady Campaign

A bit silly, admittedly, but the idea of it made me smile, so I signed the petition.

the Brady Campaign and their petition has me wondering: what good does a petition really do? If they get enough signatures and present it to Starbucks would Starbucks really reverse their decision?

If there was a petition to silence and stop the Brady Bunch, a petition to get them to reverse their position, and they were presented with signatures; would they do it? 

What the heck, it should be funny if nothing else.  Head on over and sign The Desert Defender’s petition to Stop the Brady Campaign

Interesting Picture

I didn’t think it was appropriate to include this in my last post, but during the Patriot Guard mission today (actually, yesterday now…it’s after 1am), I ended up with an interesting picture I thought I’d share.  Hopefully you’ll get a chuckle out of it.

I have a cheapo digital camera that I use on the bike when I’m taking “action shots” in motion.

I’m generally pretty good at just holding it up over my head, pointing it in the right general direction and pressing the trigger.  I don’t think I’ll win any awards with my photography that way, but I usually get some passable shots, even when I’m pointing the camera to the side or behind me.

Well, today (yesterday) I did a horrible job of trying to get shots of the procession behind me.  In fact, I didn’t get one single useable picture…but I did get this shot:

I can’t imagine what I was thinking holding the camera that low.  Maybe I pulled the trigger accidentally before I got it up over my head where I wanted it?  Good thing that wasn’t a .45 I was trying a trick shot with…I’d have blown my own face off.

You can even see the reflection of the camera in my hand in my glasses.

Not exactly what I was shooting for (pun intended), but worth a chuckle or two anyway…after you get past the gag reflex that my ugly mug generally induces anyway.

Enjoying the Snow

A “viewer video” from of a family enjoying the recent snow in an interesting way.

The blue tub, if you’re wondering, is an old recycle bin. That used to be all we had for delivering recyclable materials for pickup several years ago. Now we have blue trash dumpster sized bins that are picked up every other week.

I still have my old bin as well, I keep it in the kitchen and use it to collect recyclables in the house before taking them out and putting them in the dumpster.

I’ve never used mine as a dogsled.


Two articles from today’s local propaganda rag:

Article 1:

The Unitarian Church of Norfolk plans to hold a candlelight vigil at 6:30 this evening to call attention to global climate change.

Article 2:

Highs today will reach only the lower- to mid-40s, some 30 degrees cooler than just after midnight Thursday.

Skies will be clear tonight, with tempatures(sic) in the low 20s in inland and rural spots.

I wonder if God’s trying to tell them something?