Merry Buy a Gun Day!!!

It’s that time of year again: BAG day.

I actually celebrated this year for the first time in a while. Since it’s been a while, I saw no reason to limit it to one gun, I bought two.

I bought them online and talked about that in a previous post but I didn’t tell you what I got.

First, I am an NRA and 4H certified instructor and I really enjoy sharing the shooting sports with the uninitiated. I regularly teach classes, take newbies to the range, etc. The problem is that I’ve been missing something with regard to my training aids. I’ve got several flavors of semi-auto pistols to use for training, but the only working revolver I’ve got is a replica 1858 Remington cap and ball revolver. While fun to load and shoot, it isn’t really representative of modern revolver technology.

I’ve been looking for a long time for a .22lr revolver and I just couldn’t find anything that I wanted that was also in my price range. I decided that I needed to find something else. Something that fired a light enough caliber with a heavy enough frame that a newbie could handle it without too much trouble.

GP100I had a friend back in the day who had one of these and I always thought it was a great shooter, even with full house loads, so when I found a good deal on one…well…there you go:

The Ruger GP100 in .357 Magnum.

Nice heavy frame, adjustable sights, 4″ full underlug barrel, Hogue monogrips and should be very manageable for a new shooter with light .38 special loads.

And for the second gun…I’ve got a (very) old Springfield 12 gauge Pump shotgun that I bought for a song many years ago. It’s had a good run and has been a good gun for me, but it’s reaching the end of its service life. Starting to get wonky in the action…sometimes shells hang up while entering the chamber requiring one to “jiggle” the pump to get it to slide home. Also the firing pin is worn and it’s beginning to misfire by not striking the primer hard enough to ignite it.

Because it’s a not so popular brand that isn’t made any more, parts are hard to come by and resale value is low. I may try to fix her anyway just as a project, but I decided I needed something new and exciting in the shotgun arena.

I’m not a big shotgun shooter to begin with. I enjoy the occasional round of skeet and I have a thrower that I take out for some informal clay shooting sometimes, but shotgun isn’t my “thing” really…but it’s nice to have a good scatter gun when you need one. I don’t really feel the need to have a collection of shotties, so I wanted one gun that would do pretty much anything I need it to.

I thought about another pump, but I’ve not had good luck with a pump when shooting doubles in skeet. The pump is just too slow and while you’re pumping, it’s too easy to loose track of the 2nd clay. I decided I wanted a semi-auto. I wanted something long enough for shooting clays recreationally, but not so long that it would be useless for home defense or other “tactical” situation.

Other factors were that I wanted something common and popular enough that I’d be able to find accessories and parts for it and so it would carry some resale value if the need arose, but I didn’t want to break the bank on a Benelli or Baretta either.

I thought about getting a “combo” with both a 28″ and an 18″ barrel and swap out depending on what I’m doing. I was looking into the Remington 1187 but short barrels are hard to find, I’d probably have to buy a 28″ barrel and cut it down, plus the magazine capacity isn’t that great.

mossbergI started looking into Mossberg semi-autos and stumbled across this:
Mossberg 930 Jerry Miculek Pro series. Honestly, I don’t care about JM lending his name to it…in fact I usually avoid things like that to avoid the extra markup that it usually entails, but this was exactly what I was looking for.

3″ chamber, 10 round magazine (with 2 3/4″ shells), choke tubes, 24″ barrel, fiber optic front sight. Long enough barrel to effectively use it on clays, but short enough to still be useable in relatively close quarters and the best magazine capacity I’d seen on a shotgun. Perfect.

I got them both at Bud’s Gun shop in Kentucky. Their prices were right, they made the procedure easy (already had my transfer gun shop’s FFL on file) and shipping and handling was reasonably speedy. I paid using ACH so there was a delay waiting for that to clear, but you get a cash discount that way so it was worth it.

I was very satisfied with the service and my purchases. The weather here’s been crap on the weekends lately so I haven’t had the opportunity to go to the range yet, but things are looking good for this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Marry Bag Day to one and all!

Gays, Genes and circular logic

I’m no scientist, but I think I have at least a passing familiarity with how science works.

Supposedly someone discovered a “gay gene”. A gene that supposedly causes homosexual tendencies in men. Yes…yes…I know that all these “discoveries” have been debunked and there are scores of other studies that disprove the idea of a “gay gene” but bear with me.

So, to discover this “gay gene” one would assume that they used standard scientific practice. They compared the genes of gay men against the genes of straight men and found a gene that is prevalent enough in one set and not in the other to declare that this must be the “gay gene”.

With me so far?

OK…So they discover this “gay gene” be determining that gays have it and straights don’t by studying some number of gay men and straight men and controlling for other factors.

But today, in the Drudge Report (which I’m beginning to get a bit tired of. He constantly suckers me into clicking on a story only to discover that the story itself has little bearing on the sensationalist headline he gave it, but that’s beside the point) I found a link to this story:

Around half of all people, including straight men and women, could carry “gay genes”, meaning that they continue to be passed down the generations despite the tendency of homosexuals not to have children, new research suggests.


So, they discover a gene that is predominantly present in gays, which causes them to declare it the “gay gene”, but then discover that it is present in about half the population regardless of their sexual orientation?

And their takeaway from this is that THIS is why the gay gene doesn’t die out through natural selection?

Grasping at straws here a bit I’d say.

How about this possibility: If you found the gene in half the population, straight included, then just perhaps your original contention that this is the “gay gene” has just been disproven by your own research.

Nah…can’t be that. We’ve got an agenda to push.

Cultural Appropriation

I have to say I’ve recently become disgusted with the blatant acts of cultural appropriation that have been reported lately.

People should be absolutely ashamed for adopting hair styles that are prevalent in another culture.

Especially when that hair style is not something that can be achieved naturally, but requires many hours of work and the use of chemicals to alter the basic consistency of the hair to achieve.

I simply cannot imagine how someone can be so callous, disrespectful and downright insulting as to appropriate another culture in such a way.

Just saying…

Celebrity photos linked from

What I did today

The old horn on the bike has started rusting.

I’m probably going to clean it up and keep it because it’s original equipment, but I always hated the way it sounds. It’s like a high pitched buzzer rather than a horn…sounds wimpy.

I wanted to try something that would sound more like a car horn. Harbor freight had one for $10. Yes, I know I can get better ones, but I was a little leery about how it would look and sound so I didn’t want to invest a bunch of money and then hate it.

2016-04-02 16.55.14So I went with the cheapos (yes, some assembly still required).

Admittedly, they look a little cheesy, but not as bad as I’d thought they might. They fit fine and I really like the sound a LOT more than the stock horn.

Here’s a little video, first the old horn (I did this on my work bench with my battery charger, so it’s a little shaky when I connect the power), then the new one.

Dueling stories on Drudge today

Story 1: One in five adults may be obese by 2025: survey warns

The ratio of obese adults has more than doubled in the 40 years since 1975, and will climb further in the coming nine, the research showed.

Story 2: Marion County mother charged with neglect for making children walk to school

A 32-year-old Marion County, Tenn., mother faces an April court date on child neglect charges after deputies found her driving ahead of her young daughters as she made them walk miles to school on Valley View Highway.

Ladd estimated the girls already had walked about a mile and a half and still had about two more miles to go.

We have hysterical clinicians warning us of an obesity epidemic on the one hand, and on the other hand, we have hysterical cops charging parents with neglect for making their kids walk three and a half miles.

Related issues, or just ironic?

I just purchased two guns online

I ordered my *BAG day guns already (two because I don’t buy one every year so I had some to make up for), but I haven’t received them yet.

I ordered them from a retailer online so I avoided all those inconveniences like background checks and had them delivered right to my house right?


That is a myth perpetuated by people who would prefer that criminals have a safe and healthful work environment by disarming all their potential victims.

Here’s the process in 12 easy steps:

1. Find the gun you want to buy (the easy part).
2. Find a Federally Licensed Firearms retailer (FFL) in your local area that will do the transfer.
3. Have the local FFL fax a copy of their Federal Firearms License to the online seller (the seller needs this to legally transfer the gun to the FFL).
4. Order the gun, using the address of your local FFL as the delivery address.
5. Wait up to 10 business days for the delivery
6. When your local FFL informs you that your gun has been delivered, go there.
7. Fill out the form 4473 (don’t abbreviate anything, including using the 2 letter designation for your state of residence or “St.” for “Street”. Apparently, to the ATF, abbreviations are a dangerous and possibly violent crime, if your FFL allows this to occur, they may lose their license and/or be fined and/or be prosecuted and the ATF will accuse them of being horrible human beings who ignore the law and transfer firearms illegally to dangerous criminals like me).
8. Wait for the FFL to run the background check (anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 days).
9. Wait for the FFL to enter the gun into their “bound book” (the same caveats about abbreviations apply here).
10. Wait for the FFL to officially transfer the gun to you by logging the transfer in their “bound book” (again with the abbreviation thing).
11. Pay the FFL their fee for running the background check and performing the transfer.
12. Take your gun home.

Simple right? Isn’t it a travesty that the online sales loophole makes it so easy to avoid those messy things like background checks and waiting periods and records of the transaction?

Or not.

By the way, I’ll tell you what I got when I actually have them in hand…I’m still waiting for my FFL to receive them.

*National Buy A Gun Day…April 15…Tax day.

Blocking China

I’ve been getting a lot of spam from China lately. It’s in Chinese so I can’t read it, but it may be attempts to get people to click links that will introduce malware.

I’ve been deleting them as fast as they come in and blocking IP’s they’re coming from, but it’s become too difficult to keep up with it.

I don’t like captcha’s and other spam blocking schemes, so I just installed a wordpress plugin called IQ Block Country that uses a database of IP’s and their country of origin to block all IP’s from specific countries. I’m only blocking China right now.

If you have any problems accessing the site or leaving comments, let me know through e-mail and I’ll try something else.

Who could have ever imagined…

…teaching kids about gun safety at home, can help prevent them from mishandling a gun when they encounter one outside the home.

Watch all the way to the end for the money quote. -spoiler alert- The two kids who didn’t play with the gun were raised in gun owning households and had learned gun safety at home.

Everytown for gun banning, Mom’s demanding gun control and the the Brady Campaign to prevent gun ownership were unavailable for comment.

Privileged quote of the day

“In the real world, no one cares about stuff like this. It is the height of privilege and entitlement to be obsessively concerned with utterly inconsequential events such as this.” -Anonymous University of Michigan residential staff member

Snow penis privilege

It’s really good to see that some of the “kids” get it. I have to remember that the insanity on university campuses probably isn’t universal. Most likely the kids who don’t buy into all the social justice “I can make myself feel good by belittling you” crap are probably just minding their own business and trying to do unimportant things like…maybe…get an education.

I don’t know if anyone is still visiting here, can’t say I blame you for bailing, since I hardly ever post any more. Many reasons for that, but I do still got a lot of hits from people searching for info that find my humble blog. To that end, I’ve got something I want to post in case anyone is looking for info.

As some of you may be aware, I’m kind of a “do it yourself-er” whenever I can be. This includes doing as much of my own automotive work as I can/have time for.

I was recently directed by a co-worker to a source for auto parts. It’s and after having ordered from them a couple of times now, I think I want to post a review.

I have to say, after having ordered parts for both The Wife’s Chevy HHR and my F-250, I’m very pleased with

They seem to have a varied and good supply of parts. I haven’t had any trouble finding what I need through them, and although some versions or particular manufacturers may be sold out or back-ordered, they tend to have several choices of manufacturers with at least something in stock at any given time.

Their prices are very competitive…they tend to have a variety of choices in different price ranges from dirt cheap, to moderately expensive. So far, of the parts I’ve ordered from them, I’ve been able to get quality parts comparable with those available from the local budget auto parts stores (Auto Zone, O’Reilly’s etc) for as little as half the price.

Their shipping rates are very reasonable. Many times I’ve found discount auto parts places online who’s shipping rates are so high, any savings from buying online are lost by having to pay for shipping. Not so with Rock Auto, they’re shipping rates are very close to what I’d expect to pay myself when shipping something of similar size and weight via fedex or UPS.

They are very responsive, processing and shipping orders very quickly. Again, some other budget auto parts places I’ve ordered from online have taken two or three days to process an order and another two or three days to get them shipped. With Rock Auto, when I got the orders in during their normal business hours, they got the order processed that day and shipped the next. Excellent Service.

Their website isn’t exactly pretty, but it’s easy to use and gets the job done well…which is my preference…keep your pretty, fancy web sites that I can’t find anything on and give me utilitarian usefulness any day.

And here’s what really prompted this review: I recently had opportunity to test their returns process.

I had a semi clip my driver’s side mirror with the back of their trailer a couple of weeks ago. The mirror was destroyed, they probably didn’t even realize they’d clipped me and kept driving. The “uninsured motorist” insurance that applies in a “hit and run” situation had a deductible many times higher than the replacement cost of the mirror so I opted to replace it myself.

When shopping for a new mirror at Rock I realized that I could go with Tow mirrors versus the standard mirrors for a very reasonable amount (standard mirror was about $50, tow mirror was $81) so I opted replace both mirrors with tow mirrors.

Again, I was impressed with how quickly they processed my order and got it shipped to me, but after installing the mirrors, I realized there was a problem with the passenger side mirror and I’d need to return it. I went to the order online and filled out a return request…a very simple process, as soon as the return was submitted, I was presented the opportunity to request and print out a return shipping label at no cost to me.

I packaged the mirror back up and scheduled a pickup for the next day. Within an hour of FEDEX picking up the return package, I got notification from Rock Auto that my replacement had been shipped.

I got the replacement on Saturday, installed it yesterday and it’s perfect.

Kudos to Rock Auto for excellent efficiency and customer service and for selling great parts at a great price. I’m thinking I’m going to be a customer for a long time. Sorry Auto-Zone and O-Reilly’s

And in case you care, Here’s what the old passenger side mirror looked like (click to make bigger):

Here’s the new mirror:

And here’s what they look like from the front (taken this morning (SNOW…YEA)):