Veteran’s Day

Hat tip to PFB

When I first read about this I was a bit skeptical. I think I will feel very uncomfortable wearing my medals and ribbons on civilian clothes. But upon further reflection, I think it is a worthy effort.

I will not wear my decorations to draw attention to myself or to glorify my own service. My career was pretty mediocre. I am not a war hero, I’ve never been fired at in anger nor carried a rifle in a battle zone. I was an Aviation Electronics Technician. I fixed airplanes. I was not a warrior.

But I will wear my decorations to draw attention to the purpose of Veteran’s Day, I will wear my decorations in honor of those who truly were and are heros, those who sacrificed much…some who sacrificed all…for their fellow man. I will accept the thanks of those who offer it, not for myself, but in memory of those who came before me, those who now serve with honor, and those who will follow and uphold the great traditions of the American Patriot Warrior.

To those ends, a little discomfort for one day is well worth it.


Curtis R. Stone


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