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During a conversation with Ahab at What Would John Wayne Do in the comments of a post regarding Survival Carbines a thought occured to me. Ahab actually spurred the thought with one of his statements.

“In a SHTF situation, if I was armed with a carbine and a pistol, but I had a friend with a rifle, I would certainly welcome his company.”

I’ve seen post after post about preparing for a SHTF (“Shit Hits The Fan”) situation like what happened in New Orleans after Katrina or, even worse, TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It).

All of those posts revolve around individual preparedness: escape routes, family communications, contingency plans, weaponry and ammo, water and food, first aid supplies, vehicles, emergency power etc. etc. etc.

All of those issues are extremely important and need to be discussed, hashed out and pondered, but, as far as I can tell, we seem to be missing one element:

What is the role of the unorganized Militia in one of the alphabet soup scenarios listed above?

I remember seeing stories about neighborhoods in New Orleans where residents within certain areas armed themselves, established watches, and basically acted as a citizen militia in defense of the neighborhood.

In a situation where government authority has broken down…Police and Fire Department personnel are occupied with thier own safety and that of their families, the wolves among us are running loose and we are left to fend for ourselves – it occurs to me that a group of prepared, well-equipped, survival minded militia members would be better able to defend and care for themselves and their families than individuals and families would be able to do on their own.

I know from personal experience that the sheepdogs come out in those situations…neighbors pitch in to help neighbors…the armed and strong help to defend the weak and defenseless against the predators…good people band together against the bad. But wouldn’t it be more efficient if there were some sort of plan in place? Established means of communication? Contact lists, equipment lists, meeting places? Wouldn’t some organization amongst people ahead of time be just as advisable for SHTF preparations as individual planning and preparation?

I’m not talking about anything fancy. I’m not saying that we should form chains of command, establish bylaws and drill on the weekends. But what is wrong with preparedness minded people in a particular area sharing information? Keeping in touch? Talking out contingencies and hashing out plans to help each other out? Isn’t that what the unorganized Militia is all about?

I, personally, wouldn’t want to share my preparedness information with just anyone, there would have to be some kind of vetting process to make sure you weren’t just inviting a bunch of sponges to share your preparations. But it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out who in your area is serious about it and who is just blowing smoke. It would probably start out as groups of people who are already friends or acquaintences and are willing to make a committment (or already have) to preparedness.

It wouldn’t be hard to start a blog, forum or web site dedicated to the unorganized Militia, divided by state and/or region, with the emphasis on disaster preparedness and mutual defense in times of need.

What does everyone think? Leave your thoughts in the comments, blog it and shoot me a trackback or drop me an email.


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  1. Hi – interesting start to your blog. I have been involved in the survival movement since the mid 80’s when the Cold War was threatening nuclear war. Since then certainly times have changed – byt I believe a Jericho type(seen the TV show?) event is inevitable.

    Militia’s? I believe most could become “evil doers” in short order if a significant disaster hit. The individual or family need to become prepared.

    Keith @

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