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This is good info so I didn’t want to leave it delegated to comments. From Straightarrow:

That light of a trigger on a mosin is an indication that something is wrong. I have four, two m-44’s, m-91, and a 91/30, all have heavy triggers. I had to lighten one with a very little polishing to take out the gritty feel. BTW, m-44’s are made to be shot with the bayonet extended. Point of aim should change for you from one configuration to the other. Try it both ways. One of mine was way different, the other was just a little different. You will love mosins, they are absolutely idiot proof and tougher than a 25 cent water buffalo steak.

I hope you enjoy it. All your surplus ammo will be Berdan primed, so even if it says non-corrosive, it is corrosive. A good first step when cleaning it to get out the corrosive salts is first pass a hot water and ammonia patch through the barrel a few times. It neutralizes the salts, then you can finish cleaning it as normal. I highly recommend the ammonia/water mix for the first few passes. I never thought I would clean any gun of mine with water, but these benefit from the neutralization of the corrosive salts.

you are aware I hope that you must enter the carbine in your bound book? Also, you cannot move your collection of anything in the bound book without BATFE’s permission, should you change residence. And they can come inspect at their pleasure.

Two of the reasons I never got a C&R, but each to his own. Happy shooting, these are great pieces.

The most accurate piece of any make I ever fired was a mosin M-59, which unfortunately I had bought to refurbish as a gift to my son-in-law. I hated to give it up. But a gift doesn’t count unless it counts to the giver. Have fun.

One more thing, surplus ammo has two flash holes in the head. You will need domestic brass to reload with boxer primers, effectively.

Sorry for running on so long, I just love these guns and am always happy to see someone else appreciate them. Those Russians were small arms geniuses.

Thanks my friend.

I was pretty sure the trigger pull wasn’t right. I can’t imagine a rifle designed for infantry use with that light a pull. I’ll start troubleshooting and see what I can come up with.

You are absolutely right about them being “idiot proof”. The design is the essence of simplicity but very effective. One thing about the Russians: they definitely had the “KISS” concept down pat.

As far as cleaning, I had read to just use warm soapy water to get the salts out so that’s what I did after my first shoot. I have a shallow tub that I use when cleaning cosmoline out. I used that to run warm soapy water through the barrel and receiver, then cleaned it normally after that.

Does the ammonia work better than soapy water? I’ll try that.

She’s already entered into the book. I did quite a bit of research before getting my C&R. The advantages are getting shipping right to the house which enables me to shop around and get the best prices, some places give dealer discounts to C&R licensees, and I can shop out of state without having to futz with an FFL (and pay their fees).

There are some disadvantages but the potential for uninvited visitors isn’t as bad as it sounds. The ATF can inspect at any time only with a warrant. Without a warrant, they can inspect once a year to ensure recordkeeping compliance or in the course of a “bona fide criminal investigation” and those inspections may be conducted “at the election of the licensed collector” at the nearest ATF office rather than the home or site of the collection. In other words, the only way they can legally just drop in and inspect your home is if they have a warrant. They could do that whether you have a C&R or not.

There is also the fact that the .gov now knows for sure that I’m armed but that is not much of a big deal for me as I also have a Concealed Handgun Permit which pretty much answers the question already. My understanding is that the “permission to move” thing is primarily to make sure you don’t move someplace where your collection is illegal. Not bloody likely in my case so I’m not worried about that. I generally try to stay as law abiding as possible so I decided that the benefits outweighed the costs. It is a personal decision though that each person must reach on their own. I wouldn’t make a recommendation either way regarding the issue.

Thanks for the good info. If I have any more questions about Mosins I know who to ask.


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  1. Pretty late to this discussion, but that guy has no idea what he is talking about.

    As a C&R FFL holder, you don’t have to “ask permission from ATF” to move your collection, you send in a change of address form. I have done it twice, once to a different state, and they only response I got from was a new license with my new address.

    ATF also can’t “Come inspect at their pleasure” like they can a 01 FFL (a dealer). You can certainly be inspected, but it can happen at the local ATF office. See Title 27 CFR, Sec 178.23 (c)

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