I’m going to send this link to all the gunbloggers I know because this needs widest dissemination in order to get a good turnout.

The VCDL is sponsoring a “Prosecute Bloomberg” rally and protest in Washington DC at the Capitol Hilton where Bloomberg et al will be conducting a “National Summit on January 23.

Details HERE.

Bloombergs lawsuits have already run two Virginia gun dealers out of business. If his (probably illegal) activities are allowed to go unchallenged, it will only embolden him to file further lawsuits in an attempt to shut more small businesses down. The ATF has already acknowledged that his “sting” operation was potentially illegal and some have hinted that it interfered with ongoing criminal investigations.

I’m all for catching and prosecuting criminals, but shouldn’t that be left up to the professionals? Shouldn’t Bloomberg be held accountable for playing Vigilante and taking the law into his own hands? I mean, that’s why we have paid professional police officers isn’t it? (Arguments sound a bit familiar don’t they?)

This must stop. But the only way to make it stop is to get public attention focused on exactly what he is doing and force the politicians who would prefer for this to just “go away” into taking action.

Please, if at all possible, come out and join us on January 23 in Washington DC. A finer group of freedom loving patriots you will never meet than at a VCDL function. Come out and join the fun.


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