I want to thank all of the gun bloggers who responded so enthusiastically to my email this weekend and publicized the upcoming VCDL rally/protest in Washington DC on January 23.

I think we’ve done a great job of getting the word out and I truly appreciate the support of the following blogs (in no particular order except that this is how they show up in my Bloglines feeds…probably the order in which I subscribed to their feeds):

Mr. Completely
Ride Fast and Shoot Straight
The War on Guns
Of Arms and the Law
The Countertop Chronicles
The Smallest Minority
Armed and Christian
Cogito Ergo Geek
Gun Law News
Wasted Electrons
Hell in a Handbasket
The Bitch Girls
A Keyboard and a .45

The power of the New Media.


Added today:

Live From the (Upper) Texas Gulf Coast

Update 2:

Newest addition:

The Ten Ring


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