Answer: Assclowns

Question: What do the local “Only Ones” REALLY think about fellow citizens/law abiding gun owners?

At least in Manassas Virginia.

Update: There seems to be a little confusion about exactly what went down. I didn’t go through all the details of the story, I just hit the highlights of the information that came out in the FOIA request and my take on it. To get the story from the perspective of the VCDL and the members involved, click HERE

At this writing, the link to the alert on the VCDL web site is broken, so I’ve taken the liberty of reprinting the important part here.

The 911 call audio is embedded below and 29 pages of documents returned with the FOIA request is here.

In case you don’t want to take the time to sift through the PDF, I’ll take the liberty of hitting some of the high points here.

First is the 911 dispatch log which identifies the timeline and the officers involved.

Then a series of emails regarding the Freedom of Information Act request.

I got a kick out of page 11 which is an email from the City of Manassas Network Infrastructure Manager Randy Buzzard. He explains that the reason the emails requested under the FOIA request initially didn’t get through is because the city’s “Banned content rule” wouldn’t allow them to pass. It seems the Police Department is exempt from the Banned Content rule so they are authorized to use all the foul language they want in describing their employers (i.e. taxpayers), but when a City employee tried to forward those emails in response to the FOIA, the filters blocked them.

Next comes the series of emails passed between some of the officers involved regarding the incident. A quick perusal identifies exactly why they initially didn’t get past the City’s “Banned Content” filters.

In response to one of the Officers actually taking the time to read the law and undeniably identifying that they were wrong, one Officer had this to say:

“My guess is the over-compensating assclowns at Tony’s were hyper-aware of all this, and that’s why they started crying like little babies when their event got spoiled by the whole ‘let’s get the owner to tell them to get the fuck out’ thing.”

There’s more, but that statement pretty much details the respect with which Manassas’ finest regards their fellow citizens. They don’t understand the law and, when a citizen obvously understands it better than they do, the citizens are “over-compensating assclowns”.

Please explain to me how it is not harassment for Police Officers to “get the owner to tell them to get the fuck out” when the owner seemingly had no problem prior to the officers showing up and the “them” that were told to “get the fuck out” weren’t doing anything even remotely troublesome, let alone illegal?

Just to add fuel to the fire, next are the transcripts of the radio calls from that night.

If anyone knows how to decipher the coding used for the message traffic, please let me know. I think I’ve figured it out, but just in case I’m wrong, I don’t want to accuse the wrong officers of saying particular things, so I’ll leave off my speculation about who said what.

Bouncing the 911 dispatch logs against the message traffic, the call was initially placed at 8:11 pm.

At 8:13pm, someone transmitted “they technically can do that”. So apparently the officers knew or should have known that the members were breaking no laws by carrying openly before they ever arrived on scene.

The first officer arrived at the scene at 8:16pm and all officers were reported as “available” by 8:25pm.

At 8:31pm someone identified the exact section of the Code of Virginia pertaining to this issue: “18.2-308 for carry conceal & where.” So, not only did they know BEFORE the incident that there were no laws being broken, shortly after the incident, they knew the exact section of code that the members were…um…not violating.

At 8:44pm this gem was offered:

“thanks for the help with those tards. I was at a loss for words when they wanted to start debating the code.”

It is unclear whether he was at a loss for words because the members knew the code better than he did, or because of the fact that MERE CITIZENS had the AUDACITY to challenge the authority of “the only ones“. Probably the latter.

Then, at 8:46pm, the classic response:

“Dude, those guys are f’ing retards, you said it…bobby ovaile’s!”

I have no idea who Bobby Ovaile is but the respect with which Manassas’ finest regards their fellow citizens was obvious and enlightening. I wonder if Bobby Ovaile’s family knows that their local Police Department uses him as exemplary of your typical Manassas “f’ing retard”.

The content of the remaining messages were redacted. I can’t imagine why.

Finally, an email from Lt. John Barnes of the Manassas PD requesting information from other area PD’s about any similar incidents and the replies.

In the request for info, Lt Barnes opines that “the group is probing local PD’s in order to see how they will react to these type calls.” A couple of the responses are a little colorful:

“Good Luck…I hope your liability insurance is paid!” -Capt. Paul Larson, Arlington County PD

“This group in years past attempted the same type of act in the Fredericksburg area. They are lawsuit shopping. This might warrant a quick reminder to the troops about state law.” –Capt Brent Taylor, Fredericksburg PD

I guess it isn’t important for “troops” to understand state law unless there is a threat of a lawsuit.

I can say unequivocally as a long time member of the VCDL and a participant in many of these events. We ARE NOT lawsuit shopping. We ARE NOT challenging local Police Departments in any way. We try to find venues where we know that the management respects our rights and wants our business in order to prevent incidents like these from happening. All we want to do is be able to exercise our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS in a responsible manner and enjoy some fellowship and a good meal in the pr0cess.

The fact that local Police Departments respect their fellow citizens so little, that they feel harassment of law abiding citizens that are causing NO problems whatsoever and are just peacefully enjoying a meal is warranted is NOT an indication of a problem with the citizens; but UNDENIABLY indicates a problem with the attitudes and behavior of “the only ones.”

THESE are the people to whom we are expected to entrust our safety, security and our VERY LIVES? And they wonder why we carry firearms.

I know this is pretty long already, but I just want to bring up one more point:

It struck me immediately upon listening to the 911 call audio that the “former Marine” Virginia resident who was “uncomfortable” with his fellow citizens being armed has an obvious New York or New Jersey accent.

This is absolutely illustrative of the “VA Occupied Territories” to which I referred in an earlier post.

Lawdog has expressed his angst at a similar situation in Texas. Basically, what happens is that citizens escape repressive regimes in socialist states like New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, DC etc and move to more hospitable areas. Once they have ensconced themselves in their newly adopted home, they seem to realize that we heathens are allowed to get away with things that they have been told are BAD, BAD, BAD. Being that these activities are things of which THEY would never approve and make them feel “uncomfortable” they immediately begin attempting to impose the exact same repressive rules on their adopted home that prompted them to leave their original state to begin with. Thus we end up with the Northern Virginia Occupied Territories…of which Manassas is apparently a part.

Let me give a piece of advice to anyone looking to escape an oppressive government in their home state: If you are going to try to force your home state’s values upon the residents of your NEW state, STAY WHERE YOU ARE. We don’t want you, your values, your laws or your taxes here. If we did, we would already have them. Besides, what is the point in moving if you are just going to bring the opression with you?


“whatever power you give the State to do things FOR you carries with it the equivalent power to do things TO you.”
—Albert Jay Nock

Hat tip to David at The War On Guns for the “Only Ones” theme.


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