"In Search of the Second Amendment"

A documentary…by David T. Hardy

I ordered my copy on the seventh. It is now the tenth and I just finished watching it.

Now that’s responsive customer service. Some national corporations could take lessons from Mr. Hardy.

This is the most comprehensive look at the Second Amendment, from its foundations, to its attempted undermining to its application to today’s society, that I’ve ever seen. It encompassed all of the elements that one must generally scour several sources to find and it was all available in one convenient and entertaining package.

Many of the reknowned scholors who’s work I’ve long admired and respected were represented and the points were made clearly, eloquently and convincingly.

In order to prevent anyone from approaching it with unrealistic expectations I would point out that it is not a $100 million hollywood production. But given the limitations of Mr. Hardy’s resources, it is extremely well done. I give it my unreserved and wholehearted endorsement.

I’m planning to donate this copy to the Norfolk Public Library but I’m going to order another copy for myself. It is an invaluable resource to keep in the reference library.

Outstanding work Mr. Hardy! And thank you.


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