Indianapolis Colts: Superbowl XLI Champs!

Although I am an avid pro football fan and have been since my youth, I realize that:

a: It is just a game

b: The team doesn’t really “represent” the city or state, the players are mercenaries from all over the country and would play for any team that will “show them the money”

c: It is nothing more than entertainment

For those reasons I don’t study statistics, track player trades and the draft during the off season, memorize the names, positions, numbers and home colleges of every player on “my” team. Take it personally or share in the “glory” when “we” lose or win (I’m a fan, I’m not on the field and I had nothing to do with it either way…if I did I would expect some of the compensation liberally spread amongst the ownership and players).

For those reasons I also don’t blog about it regularly. Actually, I pretty much never do.

But this is a special occasion.

I was a naysayer from the beginning of the season. I thought they would have a decent season, but I never imagined them getting past the first round of the playoffs, let alone winning it all. I didn’t think that their defense could stop any team with a decent running game. Because of that, I thought the key would be in outscoring the opponents and I thought that they would lose to the first team with a strong defense and good running game (Can you say “Ravens”?) that they came up against in the playoffs.

Oh me of little faith.

They didn’t play perfectly all season. In fact, some of their wins were downright ugly (up to and including last night). But they held it together, fought through the adversity, didn’t get down when they were less than successful and never gave up.

The measure of courage is not in lack of fear or complete domination of one’s opponents, it is fighting through the fear and keeping up the fight even when it appears that all is lost and the struggle is futile. The Colts have shown courage all year.

Congrats to the Colts and congrats especially to Tony Dungy. I think he’s one of the best head coaches in the league and he and his team deserve it.

I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of the “small, fast” defense concept, but he and his defensive coordinator have made it work. I guess that’s why they make the big bucks and I’m just a fan.

The best thing about the whole deal is that, in my opinion, the Colts team is a class act. The players aren’t a bunch of thugs, they are not overly controversial, they play a relatively clean game and play hard, even when the chips are down (in fact, I think they play better when they are behind).

For that reason, I would congratulate them even if they weren’t my home state team.

Congratulations Tony Dungy and the rest of the Colts team. You earned it.

Update: Ahab at What Would John Wayne Do has a good post up about the game. He disagree’s with Countertop’s assessment that Prince’s halftime show “rocked”, but different strokes for different folks. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much from the halftime show so I didn’t even watch it. I spent the time in conversation with the other guests at the Super Party my family attended.


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