Let the Saltatus Cruoris Begin

Hat tip to Wasted Electrons for This story hot off the presses from last night.

My sympathies to the families of the victims. My prayers will be with you.

How long do you think it will be before the group formerly known as Handgun Control Inc. and other minions of the Dark Side gleefully begin the ritual of Saltatus Cruoris?

How long do you think it will be before they begin using this incident to advocate banning “assault weapons”, “saturday night specials”, “high powered sniper rifles”? How long before they reference this incident in advocating closure of the imaginary “gun show loophole”? How long before this is used as evidence that law abiding citizens just can’t be trusted with firearms?

Not long I bet.

Update: After reading the comment thread for the story linked above I am heartened by the reaction of many Salt Lake City residents. There were many “I’m going to get a firearms permit” type comments. The few anti-gun comments were soundly and convincingly debunked by the forces of freedom and personal responsibility.

Update2: It didn’t take long.

Update3: It is official: The mall in question prohibited firearms. Were I a victim of this event, I’d already have my lawsuit filed. The Mall forcibly assumed responsibility for it’s patron’s safety and then abjectly failed to provide for it. The victims of this crime should flat out own that place inside 3 months. If we had enough lawsuits of this nature, perhaps anti-gun businesses wouldn’t be so quick to force their agenda onto their patrons.


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