I just added the “Digg” tool to my posts. Clicking on the “digg it” icon at the bottom of a post will allow you to submit it into the Digg system, that will theoretically get the article more exposure. The more “diggs” it gets, the higher in the popularity list it will go and more people will see it.

I don’t expect to get a lot of traffic in this way, but what the heck, If something I write catches your attention and you want to get it out for wider disemination, feel free to “digg” it.

Registration is required so some might not want to play, but I registered and I haven’t gotten any spam nor had any adware or viruses introduced to my system.

I clicked on the digg icon for a couple of my recent posts to test it out and see how it works but, from here on out, for my stuff to get submitted, it will have to be dugg by you, my loyal readers.


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