So many topics, So little time

Since I’ve cut back on my blogging time, I tend to run across topics that I’d like to blog about but then never seem to get around to it for various reasons…for example: The rear wheel bearings are going out on the Explorer and that is my project for this weekend. I plan to start working on it right after work this afternoon.

I’ve got several items currently on my “to blog about” list; I don’t really have time to give them the attention they deserve but I want to at least mention them.

First, the action items:

1. Gun Law News recently identified another casualty of the People’s Republic of New York who could use some financial assistance in combating petty tyranny.

2. Michelle Malkin’s Wednesday column on placed the call-out for all veterans and supporters of our military to attend the Gathering of Eagles on May 17 in Washington DC. I am planning to be there and hope that we have an excellent turnout. This is being organized by a coalition of veterans, patriotic and pro-military groups including Rolling Thunder and is supported by many more, including the Patriot Guard Riders, both with whom I am proud to be affiliated. This is an opportunity to publicly proclaim support for our military and veterans and stand up by defending the memorials erected in their honor.

Now just a couple of cool things:

1. From Websurdity comes the Uncomfortable question: Was the Death Star attack in Inside Job? (h/t to Les Jones)

2. Hat Tip to A Keyboard and a .45 for leading me to this gem:


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