Better late than never

I sent in my order for my BAG day gun. CMP, as of today, is accepting orders for M1 Carbines. Limit one per purchaser.

These are Inlands which was the most prolific manufacturer with over 2.5 million produced. They only have “Service Grade” available but that’s OK by me, that’s probably what I would have ordered anyway.

They won’t have any for sale from other manufacturers until after September, depending on what they have available, I may buy another one from a producer that didn’t make as many (hence, will be more valuable to collectors).

For $495 plus shipping, you just can’t beat it. This is why I haven’t announced a BAG day purchase up to now: I was holding out for this.

Should make a fine companion for my Springfield Armory M1 Garand.

I’ll update with pics when I get her. No idea how long it will be. Could be a couple of months.


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