E-Postal Match for May is up.

This month we’re taking to the links. This one looks challenging.

Check out Free Spirit Mind for the rules and to download a pdf of the target.

I’m going to try to enter my .44 cap and ball black powder revolver in this one as well as my standard Ruger P97 so any other black powder handgun shooters out there, please enter so we have enough competitors to form a “class”.

I’m planning a range trip on Saturday, but I’ll need to cast some balls tomorrow if I’m going to shoot it then. I’m also out of FFFg so my shooting it is going to depend on whether the range has any in stock or not.

Maybe I’ll hit Dicks sporting goods on the way and see if they have any. At any rate, I’m going to try to shoot the .44 Saturday. Failing that, hopefully I’ll have time to get back out to the range before the end of the month.


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