E-Postal Matches

One of my two regular readers and commenters asked about Mr. Completely’s E-Postal handgun matches.

The basic idea is that the host for the month designs a target and determines the rules for the month’s match. They will then post them on their blog. Competitors can download the targets and print them out and then shoot the match according to the rules.

Then the competitor e-mails the scores or scans/digital photos of the targets to the host for compiling and posting of results.

I’m hosting the match in June. I’ve already got an idea about how I want it to go, but I’ve got to refine it a little bit.

This is completely on the honor system. There are no entry fees, prizes or trophies, just bragging rights. It is a fun way to try out shooting styles or techniques that you may not regularly practice, gives you an excuse to get to the range at least once a month, and gives you a chance to measure your skills against those of fellow bloggers.

Unless otherwise specified in the month’s rules, you can shoot the match as many times as you like and submit your best showing. You can enter as many different firearms as you like in as many different classes as you wish.

The more people we get involved the more fun it can be. I didn’t get a chance this month, but I want to start entering my black powder revolver in the matches…but there really needs to be other competitors in the class to make it worth while so anyone else out there with a black powder handgun is encouraged to enter. I’d like to win that class every month, but not just because I’m the only entry.

Anyway, the schedule of hosts for the remainder of the season can be found here. Mr. Completely always posts a link as soon as the match is announced by the host and I generally post a link as well as soon as I get around to it.

Come join the fun…the more the merrier.


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