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This search struck me as unusual when I saw it in my stats so I opened it up. The first thing that occurred to me was that I was the top entry. I’m humbled. If someone searches for something that doesn’t exist, I’m the first place they are directed to. What an honor.

Anyway, the search phrase that piqued my interest was: “Marlin model 60 .22 millimeter review”.

For future reference, the Marlin model 60 is .22 caliber, not .22 millimeter. That means that the projectile fired by the model 60 measures approximately .22 inches in diameter.

.22 millimeter would be equivalent to .00861 caliber.

I bet that doesn’t have much recoil! A “typical” sewing needle is about .024 inches or three times larger than our hypothetical .22 mm round. Talk about a needle gun! (sewing needle sizes vary but .024 inches is a very common size and it made the math easy).

Perhaps this firearm was intended to take down game birds?

Or perhaps it’s a varmint rifle?

I’m guessing you’d have to add some very fine silk thread to your cleaning kit to use as a bore snake.

As light as the ammo would be, imagine how much you could carry in your combat loadout. Maybe the Army should look into this.

Disclaimer: I actually feel a little bad about having fun at a complete stranger’s expense. I’m as prone to making mistakes as anyone (if not a little moreso typographically speaking)…it just caught my rather odd funny bone this morning so I couldn’t resist. I sincerely apologize if I offended anyone.


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