Virginia Tech

My daughter attended VA Tech when she was a college student.

My Son and Daughter in Law are both students attending Virginia Colleges, both of which prohibit firearms even to permit holders.

The VCDL tried to get these policies overturned as a couple of bloggers have noted.

It just so happens that MY representative was the swing vote on the committee that killed the bills that would have enabled these Tech students to defend themselves.

I know that Saltatus Cruoris is a tactic in which the Dark Side engages, but in this particular case, I have a vested interest.

I conversed with my delegate about the issue back in January before the bills were killed in her committee and I expressed my displeasure to her at the time.

This morning, as soon as I heard the news, I sent her a polite (under the circumstances) email about it. After I see where this conversation goes, I plan to post the letter and any subsequent correspondence.

In a nutshell: I’m pissed.


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