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Update: Please check the ongoing concerns in the comments. It seems that C-2 has changed prices and their service to the public has gone downhill recently. I have not personally been out there for quite a while but I am going to make a point to head that way to see what’s going on. I’ll update then. In the meantime, based on the comments I’ve gotten, I can no longer recommend the range for the general public. Unfortunately, there really isn’t a good rifle range alternative at the present time. Perhaps something for some enterprising entrepreneurs to address?

Update 2: I revisited C2 to check out some of the stuff in the comments. Please see the post HERE.

As I mentioned in a previous post, the outdoor shooting range in the Creeds area of Virginia Beach, VA is under new management. It used to be owned by A&P arms of Virginia Beach but is now owned by some local investors/businessmen. After putting that post up, I got quite a few hits from people looking for information on the range. Always eager to be helpful, here’s some more info.

In preparing for this post, I spoke to one of the new owners by telephone. I had met him previously at the range and he struck me as one of the good guys. My phone conversation with him did nothing more than reinforce my initial impression. He is a very upbeat, energetic gentleman who seems truly interested in providing a superior, safe facility for the shooting community. Nothing against A&P, they are a good, reputable company…but I really like what the new management has done so far and am excited about their plans for the future.

First the basics: The range is located at 6025 Marvin Road, Virginia Beach, VA. 23457.

I’m going to assume that anyone looking for it has some idea of the area. Under that presumption, We’re going to arbitrarily choose Pungo as our starting point. Pungo is at the intersection of Princess Anne Road (SR615) and Indian River Road (SR603).

From Pungo, head south on Princess Anne Road. Basically, if you start to feel like you’ve gone too far…keep going, you’re almost there.

Seriously though, it is just shy of 12 miles from Pungo to Marvin Road. You’ll go through a few little neighborhoods, you’ll pass by the Creeds Fire Station (I’ve got a firefighter buddy stationed there…hi Jim), you’ll pass signs for Munden Point Park (where my wife and I had our biker wedding), shortly after that you’ll come to a point where you see flashing yellow lights marking a very sharp curve to the right. Marvin Road is to the left just before that curve. It’s a small road so watch for it but there is a road sign so if you’re looking you shouldn’t miss it. Marvin road will take you right into the parking area for the range.

If you get to the point where the skies begin to darken, you get an eerie feeling and the hairs begin to stand up on the nape of your neck, turn around quickly and head back North before anyone spots you, you’ve wandered into North Carolina (I’m kidding, I’m kidding…we Virginians are very fond of the land of cheap cigarettes to our south).

If anyone needs directions to the starting point at Pungo, feel free to email me by clicking the “CONTACT ME” link in the sidebar just under my profile and I’ll do my best to get you there.

Their hours of operation are:
Monday – Friday 12pm – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 6pm
Sunday 1pm – 6pm

The lane fee is $20 and includes 3 targets. They also offer an “annual pass” for a cost of $120.

The Office/store is still a work in progress but they are rapidly building their stocks of ammo for purchase and ultimately plan to offer a fully stocked pro shop with several popular lines of shooting related products.

They boast a very friendly staff of experienced NRA certified firearms instructors and provide instruction at all skill levels from introductory classes to Law Enforcement training. To schedule training, call (757)426-0789.

After speaking with one of the new owners/instructors at length, I can say that I am very enthusiastic with their training philosophy. They not only teach the basics of safe firearm handling, accuracy and employment, but also try their best to break the “range mentality” so inherent to structured training. They emphasize the concepts of real world situations starting with when NOT to shoot. When the use of deadly force is called for: employing the firearm quickly and effectively, clearing unexpected malfunctions , maintaining situational awareness after the primary threat has been stopped etc.

The current facilities consist of 50 covered shooting positions with sturdy padded concrete benches in most lanes. A few lanes have been left “benchless” for sitting, kneeling or prone shooting. Some steel plates are available but most lanes are equipped with standard wooden target backers. Positions are available at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards. The 25 yard pistol area has the capability of setting target backers at 7 and 15 yards as well as the standard 25.

All the plans for improvements have not been finalized as of yet but the owners envision some exciting additions for the future. One of the things that are on the short term list for improvement is the re-organization of the current shooting positions to realize an additional 10 shooting lanes. This will be accomplished without requiring additional infrastructure simply through more efficient utilization of existing space. Plans for a shotgun area are also in the works and other improvements are envisioned for the future.

The new owners and staff have already done yeoman’s work in cleaning up and repairing the existing facilities. I’ve been shooting at this range for probably 6 years now and I can tell you that the improvement just in the condition and upkeep of the facilities themselves are dramatic. Even the parking lot has exhibited a striking improvement over the previous ownership.

I have to say that I’m quite excited about the new owners and what they are doing there. I am extremely pleased with their efforts so far and have nothing but high hopes for the future.

I wanted to get this post up but I may update it later on if the owner provides me with any further information that he would like to get out.

One more time:

C2 Shooting Center
6025 Marvin Rd
Virginia Beach, VA

I highly recommend it.


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