Jeff May

How many have heard his name? I hadn’t until today when I heard Neal Boortz talking about him on the radio.

I’m almost ashamed that I didn’t know the story until now. Was I asleep at the switch or was this simply the MSM suppressing news that doesn’t fit their agenda?

Either way, this story needs to get out. Heroism isn’t dead in our society after all…despite the best efforts of the collectivists. And this story is especially fitting considering the manner in which the perpetrator of the recent Virginia Tech tragedy nonchalantly executed 32 students virtually unchallenged.

15 year old Jeff May was a Sophomore at Red Lake High School on March 21, 2005. Some of you may remember what happened there. A psychotic student went on a shooting spree, killing seven. During the attack, Jeff May did not quake helplessly in fear and wait to be executed, he took action with the only truly deadly weapons known to man: his mind and his will to resist. He counterattacked while the perpetrator was reloading and stabbed him with a pencil. May’s effort didn’t “stop” the attacker and Jeff received serious injuries in payment for his good deed, but several witnesses credit this hero with slowing down the attack long enough to save several lives…as many as a dozen by some accounts.

The sad thing is that I don’t remember hearing anything about this hero or his action. When I searched the web for “Jeff May Red Lake”, I got zero hits from major media outlets regarding the story. May’s actions are briefly mentioned in the Wikipedia article on the shooting (at the very bottom) but there was very little else about him and nothing from major media outlets (a CNN article listed him as a victim but mentioned nothing about his heroics).

To the credit of Reader’s Digest, they nominated and selected him as a 2006 Hero of the Year which is how Neal Boortz found out about him and alerted his listeners.

I simply cannot put into words how disgusted I am that true heros like this (among others…Dan McKown comes immediately to mind…) are completely ignored while brainless tramps like Paris Hilton and Brittney Spears are held up as some sort of icons. How far we have fallen as a society.

Jeff May. A true American Hero.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”
–Edmund Burke

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WCCO Local News story


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