Kaine and Abel

The latest VCDL alert reveals that Governor Tim Kaine…the guy who virtually got on his knees and begged gun owners in Virginia to support him for election…has come out against the General Assembly’s “affection for firearms” and has bemoaned the inability of the stormtroopers to “monitor” everyone’s “cache” of ammunition.

The alert conveniently provided a link to Governor Kaine’s web feedback tool.

Here’s the message I sent:

“Tim Kaine said Tuesday he is hopeful the General Assembly will overcome its affection for firearms “

Wow. You attitude sure has changed since the election campaign now hasn’t it? What happened to your ire at people using the VT tragedy for political purposes? That was pretty short lived too.

The General Assembly has “an affection” for firearms? What BS. If their constituents weren’t supporters of freedom and the natural right to keep and bear arms that is protected by both the US and State Constitutiions, don’t you think that their view might be a little different? The General Assembly reflects the “affections” and desires of the people whom they represent.

When you were running for governor, you actively sought the vote of Virginia Gun Owners. Now that you are in office, are you that quick to renege on the issue?

So are you an honorable man or just an opportunist? Think about that long and hard before you seek any legislation regarding this issue because if you have aspirations for a further career in politics you can rest assured that we take such matters seriously and WE WILL NOT FORGET.

I am especially concerned about your statements regarding ammunition. How are you going to enforce limits? Have police “spot check” gun owners homes? Restrict the sale of ammunition? Require registration? Many people (myself included) purchase ammunition in bulk and through mail order to save money. People who reload ammunition themselves may have several thousand rounds in various calibers made up at any given time.

How, exactly, would ammunition restrictions be enacted and how, exactly would it have stopped the perpetrator at VT from doing what he did? He broke federal laws when he attempted to remove the serial numbers from his firearms. He broke school regulations when he took his guns on campus. He broke moral, religious, state, federal and every other law when he killed innocent people with his guns. Do you really believe that he would have said to himself “Oh, I can’t carry that much ammo, it’s against the law”?

What planet do you live on?

So far, as far as I can tell, this panel has been nothing more than a political dog and pony show designed to lend legitimacy to the forwarding of a political (anti-gun) agenda. If it is truly a panel in search of truth, perhaps some supporters of gun rights (Criminologist Dr. Gary Kleck or maybe Professor Don Kates for example) should be consulted. Perhaps the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League, the NRA, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation should be allowed to testify. Limiting testimony to only one side of an argument is not “seeking truth”, it is seeking an echo chamber and avoiding truth for political purposes.

As I said before, we are watching. And we will not forget.


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