I went out in search of black powder substitute again today. I still want to shoot this month’s E-Postal Match with my black powder revolver.

I didn’t find any substitute. All they had was pellets designed for muzzle loading hunting rifles. But they did have actual black powder. First time I’ve found that in a while.

It was a bit more than pyrodex, but I went ahead and bought a pound because that’s all I’ve found lately.

Now for the story. My black powder revolver actually belonged to my father. I inherited it when he passed away. It is a Navy Arms replica of a Remington 1858 .44 cap and ball revolver. He bought it as a kit in 1972 and put it together. I have fond memories of loading and shooting this revolver as an adolescent/teen. When I inherited this firearm, I got all the accessories with it including an old (empty) dupont black powder can.

I take after my dad and am a bit sentimental…especially about family heirlooms. I believe that he kept this can because it was the first can of powder he used with this revolver. Anyway, being the sentimental kind of guy that I am, I kept it too.

Here’s modern progress for you:

Look pretty much the same don’t they?

I bet they are pretty close to exactly the same in composition and effectiveness.

Well, here’s the difference:


Oh for the good old days.

In all fairness, a lot of that is because most people use pyrodex or triple seven these days and their just isn’t that much demand for black powder any more.

I just thought it was interesting. I think I’m going to keep this can for posterity sake. My son will have to see how much he can get it for in 30 years or so…if it’s even still available.


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