E-postal Match Explanation

JimmyB asked me in comments to the last post to clarify the rules. If one person was confused and asked about it, that means that other people were confused and just didn’t ask.

Maybe explaining a little about what I have in mind and why I chose the rules I did will clear things up.

This match is similar to a drill that I perform regularly, I modified it a little in order to get a usable score for competition, but it is a fairly standard drill.

Basically, this simulates drawing from a holster, shooting your firearm dry, performing a tactical reload and resuming firing.

Many ranges don’t allow for “draw and fire” drills so to keep an even playing field for all competitors (and for those who don’t carry and don’t have a carry holster but would like to participate anyway) I chose the “resting” starting position with the firearm in the hands but either resting on the bench or at waist level. I also stipulated that the firearm should be in the condition that you would normally have it in when holstered. This way, we can pretend like we just drew the weapon without getting kicked out of the range.

The problem with actually shooting until dry is that firearm capacities vary wildly and there would be no standard number of rounds fired. Plus, after a few strings, people with super-duper, high capacity, tactical zombie blasters would have so many holes in the targets they’d be impossible to score.

Running the firearm dry is simulated, therefore, by loading only two rounds. That way everyone runs their firearm dry but we still have a standard number of holes to count.

So…start out with your firearm in your hands but with only two rounds loaded and in the condition it would be in if holstered. I carry a DA/SA Ruger P-97 so I carry in condition two: round in the chamber with hammer down. The first shot is double action. If you carry in condition one, the safety should be on before beginning. If you normally carry in condition three, there should be no round in the chamber before beginning. The object is to do this just like you would be doing it in a real life defensive situation.

Raise the weapon as if you just drew it, disengage the safety or rack the slide if necessary, fire the first two rounds at the first target; reload as quickly as you safely can and fire the next two rounds at the second target.

After the string of four shots, reload your magazines, cylinders, speed loaders etc as necessary, return the firearm to the condition that you carry in, return to the “resting” position with firearm in the hands but resting on the bench or at waist level and then repeat the cycle.

Each string should put two rounds in each target; five strings equals 10 rounds per target, 20 rounds total.

Because this is an untimed event, it doesn’t matter whether you use a semi-auto, wheel gun with speed loaders, or speed strips; you can still be competitive.

Also, because it is untimed and we only simulate drawing from a holster, people who want to try it with non-carry guns can play too, just do the “tactical” reload as quickly as you can…even if you have to pop the mag and press in the rounds, open the cylinder or loading gate and pop the rounds in one at a time or even reload two chambers of your black powder revolver. The key is to pretend like there is still a threat out there that you need to eliminate and your life depends on reloading as quickly as possible (while being careful not to poke holes in things that shouldn’t have holes in them of course) in between the first two and second two shots of each string.

I hope that cleared up any confusion, if not please ask and I’ll try to deconfuse you even more.

A couple more notes that I didn’t mention in the initial post: as usual, you can shoot this as many times as you like and send in your best pair of targets. Please only submit matched pairs of targets…don’t pick target one from your first try and target two from your third to get the best score.

You can enter as many times as you like with different guns, and two or more people can submit separate entries with the same gun(s), but only one entry per person with a given gun please.

Suggestion: Print out and take some extra targets. You can also print out the rules and take them. If other people at the range ask what the heck you are doing, clue them in and give them a couple of your extra targets so they can shoot it too. Ideally, entries should be sent to me, but Mr. Completely’s web address is on the bottom of the target, if they send their entries to him, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind forwarding them to me.

Finally, I’d prefer entries to be submitted by scanning or taking a digital photo of the targets and e-mail them to me. If you don’t have access to a scanner or digital camera, no worries, just send me an email with your particulars, total score for each target and the highest and lowest scoring single shots on each target.


Target One: two tens, three nines, one eight, two sevens, one six, one five
Target Two: one ten, four nines, three eights, two sevens

E-Postal Entry for Sailorcurt (https://sailorcurt.com)
Entry Class: 1
Distance: 7 yards
Make/Model: Glock 19
Caliber: 9mm

Target One Score: 80
High Shot: 10
Low Shot: 5

Target Two Score: 84
High Shot: 10
Low Shot: 7


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