I’m Impressed

I decided that I needed some essential accessories for my brand new old M1 Carbine.

Fulton Armory had everything I needed and, although I probably could have saved a few bucks buying each item from other vendors, it would have ended up costing me more in shipping costs than I saved by shopping around. Therefore, I just ordered everything I wanted from them.

I ordered a WWII era M4 Bayonet (with current production M8A1 scabbard), a WWII era GI oiler, new production GI sling, two unused GI magazines, and WWII era butt stock magazine pouch.

I placed my order on Monday, got a receipt and order confirmation almost immediately, got a shipping notice on Tuesday and had the package on Wednesday afternoon.

Now that’s service.

Some of their prices are a little high, but I’m satisfied with the products that I received and you can’t beat the service.

Way to go Fulton Armory.

I’m still working on initial disassembly, cleaning, inspection and reassembly of the Carbine. I’m hoping to finish it and at least get it to the 25 yard indoor range this week. I know you’ve been waiting patiently for reports; I haven’t forgotten about it. I’ve already taken over 100 “in-process” pictures and I’m not done yet.


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