Sorry about shouting, but I’ve been waiting for this for awhile.

I finally got my BAG day gun. I waited patiently for several months in between being notified that the CMP had received a shipment of M1 carbines and then finally starting to take orders on April 30. I got my order in on May 1 and, based on the sheer number of orders they received the first few days, was thinking I’d have to wait until August. Much to my happy surprise, I got the first email on June 2 saying that they were processing my order and last Friday the one saying it had been shipped (overnight Fedex). Today, the long awaited ring of the doorbell and VIOLA! I had her in my hot little hands.

Here is the preliminary picture.

The stock is pretty beat up but the metal seems to be in pretty good condition upon initial look. I’ll know more after I get her broken down, cleaned and have a chance to look her over.

I’m so happy to have a little sister for my Garand and to add to my collection of history.

Undoubtedly, much more to come.


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