That’s funny right there.

Via Sayuncle, I was directed to this wonderful piece of…”journalism”.

I was going to post a comment but they wouldn’t let me because I’m unregistered. In the process, I noticed a comment that contained this gem:

If my house gets broken into, and I have a unsecured gun that one day kills some innocent person, I could not live with myself.

Boy, if my guns were that eager to get out and kill someone, I don’t think I’d just lock them up, I’d cut them into little pieces and turn them in for scrap…that’s just scary. I have several guns and none of them have ever even TRIED to escape and kill someone…although I do get tired of them wandering the house aimlessly and always being underfoot.

Also, I have to be careful to keep them separate from the ammo because they tend to be gluttons (especially the SKS)…Even if I only feed them at the range. Seems like every time I turn around I’m dropping a couple hundred bucks on food for the darn things…but I digress.

What about if someone steals your car and then it runs over someone or helps them rob a bank? Would you feel responsible for that?

How about if a bad guy breaks into your house and then a baseball bat that you left unsecured bludgeons someone to death? Or a kitchen knife that you negligently left on the counter instead of locking it up in your utensil safe stabs someone?

Aren’t you equally responsible for the nefarious acts of any of the inanimate objects that you own?

Ooh, ooh…here’s a good one: What if you DO use a gun safe, some innocent young criminal breaks into your house and, while he’s trying to break it open to let your guns escape, the darn safe up and jumps on top of the poor kid and kills him…are you responsible for that too? I don’t think I could live with myself if my gun safe decided to go vigilante and execute some poor underprivileged youth for the heinous crime of trying to raise money to feed his four illegitimate children (not to mention support that crack habit that is the product of our oppressive society that deprives our poor children of X-Box 360s and plasma screen TV’s…what?…they have those?…oh. Well, they’re deprived of something anyway…why else would they be on crack?).

Seriously though, if I felt that irrationally responsible for other people’s actions, I think I’d seek psychiatric care, that’s just not healthy.


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