E-postal Match for July

I’ve got my next M1 Carbine post started but not ready to publish yet. I’ve also got a post on my last Patriot Guard Riders mission completed Saturday that I’ve got to get up…but I’ve got some personal issues ongoing that need to be addressed so the blogging is kind of taking a back seat. Please be patient. I haven’t forgotten about you.

In the meantime, The Conservative UAW Guy has the rules and targets for this month’s E-postal match up. The more competitors we get the more fun it is so join in, introduce all your friends to shooting and let them use your guns to enter…take some extra targets to the range and convince everyone there that it’s the coolest thing since The Fonz so that they’ll enter too.

The more the merrier…besides, the more names there are in the mix, the less likely anyone will notice my name so close to the bottom…

It’s all in fun so come on out and play.


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