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My wife and I were discussing the Michael Vick dogfighting fiasco yesterday. She mentioned that I should blog about it. My response was that there was already a lot of blogs out there who have discussed it and I really didn’t think I had any unique insight to add.

This issue is pretty big to us because Mikey V is from this area, his dog fighting house was not too far from here. My daughter attended Virginia Tech with Mikey’s little brother, Markus, who ended up being booted from the football team for bad conduct.

Seems it runs in the family.

I really don’t have anything to add about the issue. Michael Vick is despicable and I sincerely hope that he doesn’t take the plea agreement, goes to trial and gets the absolute maximum sentence as well as a lifetime ban from the NFL. Actually, a more fitting punishment would be to allow him to engage in a dog fight of his own against…say…ten pit bulls. Naked. With bacon grease liberally applied to his genitals. But that’s not a very Christian thought so get thee behind me Satan.


Our discussion brought to the fore an issue and the reason that I decided to blog about this after all. As I’ve mentioned before, we used to foster dogs with Animal Rescue of Tidewater.

We ended up stopping because the emotional strain of getting attached to a dog and then giving him or her up to someone else just became too great. We adopted another dog permanently and stopped fostering.

(click the picture to be taken to the adoption information page)

One of our last tenants while we were fostering, however, was Luv. We got her as a puppy and did the initial training. She is house trained and kennel trained. At one point, she was supposedly adopted but that adoption fell through and she is in desperate need of a home.

If anyone out there is interested in an energetic, happy, extremely smart, easy to train, extremely affectionate dog…or knows of anyone who might be interested…please get the word out about Luv. She is a great dog and will make someone a wonderful companion.


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