National Exercise Your Rights Day Today!

Well, I did my civic duty. I went to Bob’s Gun Shop in downtown Norfolk (who is graciously supporting our effort with a 10% discount on accessories and gun safes if you mention National Exercise Your Rights Day).

I didn’t need any accessories (although I did look around) but I bought some ammo.

2 boxes of Aquila .30 carbine 110 grain FMJ
1 box of Federal .45 ACP 230 grain JHP (I usually use 165 grain for defense but have wanted to give the 230 grain a try for a while)
1 brick of Winchester .22 Long Rifle

For a grand total of 620 rounds.

The damage: $79.34 with tax.

I’ve gotta start reloading.

I’ve been open carrying all day…a fairly normal state of affairs for me during the evenings but I don’t usually do so during the work day. I have to go on the Naval Station from time to time and firearms are verboten there.

Tonight, the VCDL is converging on the Norfolk City Council meeting to discuss the recent mistreatment of law abiding gun owners. Two members were harassed just for carrying openly downtown and one member was arrested and taken to jail for the egregious affront of openly carrying a defensive sidearm during a “festival.”

So, to round out a day of “Exercise your Rights” festivities, we cap it off by attending a city council meeting tonight in order to discuss our displeasure with our city employees.

Fun, Fun, Fun… Come out and join us if you’re in the Norfolk area tonight…City Hall at 7pm.


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