National Exercise Your Rights Day

I first heard about this idea from David at The War On Guns so a big hat tip to him for coming up with the idea.

In an update he pointed to a post at Firearms Coalition calling for a “National Exercise Your Rights Day” for this purpose.

The basic gist is that the Brady Bunch and Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow-Push coalition (they’ll get no link from me) are staging a national protest on August 28 to forward their civilian disarmament agenda.

In response, civil rights supporters everywhere are urged to participate in a counter protest in support of the Second Amendment. On August 28, support your local gun shops, ranges and shooting accessories suppliers: Buy something. Ammo, accessories, a new firearm, range time…whatever you can afford. Take someone to a range and introduce them to the shooting sports. Send a message to the anti-freedom forces that we will not be coerced or cowed into giving up our heritage or our God given rights.

Always one to try to do what little I can, I’ve been calling gun shops and ranges in the area off and on all day. I’ve had some success and I hope I can get this out to enough people to make it meaningful.

So far, I’ve got commitments from two local places. These offers are only good on August 28:

Bob’s Gun Shop
746 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA
Is offering 10% off on accessories and gun safes to anyone who mentions National Exercise Your Rights Day

Shooters Inc.
5139 Stanart St, Norfolk, VA
Is offering free range passes to the first ten people who mention National Exercise Your Rights Day. Ask for Jerry Fockler who will be the manager on duty to take advantage of this offer.

I’m expecting callbacks from a few more places and I’ve still got a few more to contact so I’ll probably be adding more listings as we move toward the big day. I’m going to keep this post at the top until August 28th to ensure widest attention.

Anyone who wants to help, feel free to refer your favorite firearms related vendor this site. If they would like to participate, either you or they can use the “contact me” link in the sidebar to give me a point of contact at the vendor for more information.


I got an email from a reader suggesting that, since open carry is legal in Virginia, even without a permit, all law abiding gun owners should open carry on August 28 in support of our cause. I think it is a good idea with a couple of caveats:

1. There are places that you cannot legally carry firearms. There are also some other considerations like the potential for harassment etc. I’m not going to attempt to give legal advice because I’m not a lawyer and I don’t want to get sued, so I’ll just say that you need to familiarize yourself with the legal ramifications and responsibilities of carrying firearms if you are unfamiliar with them but choose this form of counter protest.

2. I open carry regularly so I’m already comfortable with the laws and the potential for minor problems so I like this idea and endorse it (for people who understand the laws, are willing to risk funny looks or downright hostility from some people and possibly being “interviewed” by Police Officers); however, I want to re-iterate that gun dealers are under assault. The entire point of the protest by the Brady Bunch et al is to further the attack on legal gun sales. They recently openly celebrated the fact that the ATF, under the Clinton and Bush administrations, has shut down a huge number of gun dealers over the past 15 years or so. It is basically a back door gun ban…if there are no dealers to sell guns and ammo, how are we going to exercise our Second Amendment rights? With that in mind, even if you choose to protest in the form of open carrying on August 28th, please support our local gun dealers as well. Even if you can’t afford to make a purchase, at least stop in to your favorite dealer and let them know that we are behind them.

3. I didn’t accomplish much yesterday (it was my birthday) but I’ll be back on the phone today trying to get more gun dealers to participate. David Codrea at The War on Guns has also created a flier to hand out at gun shops and ranges. I couldn’t get it to download but as soon as I get a copy I’m going to start handing it out and I’ll post a link to it for download so readers can do the same.

Update 2: With his typical outstanding responsiveness, almost as soon as I asked for it, David sent me copies of his “Appeal to gun shops” and “Flier” documents that I was having trouble accessing. Feel free to reproduce them, modify them if necessary as long as the basic intent of them is unchanged and distribute them freely.

Update 3: The Virginia Citizen’s Defense League was kind enough to mention our effort in yesterday’s E-mail alert. Welcome all referred VCDL alert subscribers and thanks for your interest and support.

Suggestion for any out of state visitors: Most states have some sort of state level 2nd Amendment advocacy group. If you can get contact information for them, please send them links to information about this event so that they can publicize it in your state. The more we can get the word out the more participation we can get and the more visibility it will get.


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