Progress in Iraq?

I don’t generally blog about the war. There are plenty of other bloggers out there who cover that topic very well. I do, however, try to keep up with what’s going on. To that end I subscribe to US Central Command’s RSS News Feeds and Press Releases.

On Monday and Tuesday, there were three stories in the News Feeds, virtually one right after the other, about civilian assistance in the war effort.

Based upon the News and Press releases coming out of CENTCOM, I am heartened by the apparent increase in Iraqi civilian cooperation in the effort against terrorists and “insurgents” that are wreaking havoc on their country.

I believe that the common, everyday Iraqi is coming to recognize that this may be the only opportunity for them to achieve a society that enables them to live productive, constructive lives free from the fear and internecine animosity that has been so dominant in their culture.

They are stepping up. They are seizing this opportunity. They are not standing idly by waiting for “someone” to do something; they are taking action and they are making the sacrifices necessary make it happen. I am thrilled by what that may mean for the future of the Iraqi people and the entire Middle East.

Now we just need to rekindle that courage and dedication in our own people here at home.


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