We interrupt this blogging Hiatus

For something just too funny to pass up.

I sent a letter to the editor in response to this ridiculous editorial…er…news item. (Hat tip to Nicki).

Here’s what I submitted:

Does journalism school include any training on fact checking or research? The National Firearms Act of 1934 strictly regulates assault rifles and “destructive devices” including fragmentation grenades. The Law Enforcement Officer’s Protection Act of 1985 restricted the sale of armor piercing handgun ammunition to the military and police. There is no such thing as an “armor piercing handgun”. There is only armor piercing ammunition for any given handgun. The FN Five Seven is no more capable of defeating armor than any other handgun with appropriate ammunition…which is banned to non-government actors.

If Mexican criminals are obtaining assault rifles, fragmentation grenades and armor piercing handgun ammunition in the US, they are obtaining them from government actors, either criminal, or covert. This activity has absolutely nothing to do with the lawful ownership and sale of firearms by private citizens in the US.

In response, I got a computer generated acknowledgment that they received my letter. Included in this response was the following:

We expect that you have checked your facts and that those facts are readily verifiable.

You could cut the irony with a butter knife.

Now that’s funny right there.


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