Glaring loophole in First Amendment

Allows hysterical ninnies to write “news stories” without background checks or licensing.

A former agent for the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms says for state and federal law not to consider this rifle a firearm is crazy.

“It is totally outrageous to have this type of firearm considered to be an illegal type of firearm, especially under federal and state law,” said former ATF agent Domincik Polifrone.

Either the former ATF thug…er…agent said the exact opposite of what the author contended, or they got the quote wrong.

Either way, I agree with the author’s sentiment.

We need to ban these extraordinarily high powered, .50 caliber, sniper, street sweeper, assault muskets capable of spraying minie balls at 2 rounds per minute and taking down airliners, space shuttles and low orbit geosynchronous satellites with one shot.

These horrific and dangerous military style firearms are the preferred weapons of terrorists and criminals and must be immediately removed from the streets.

Hat Tip to Dave Hardy

Update: Ahab called it yesterday.

Of course, I predict that there will be calls to have background checks placed on muzzleloaders in the 3…2…1…


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