How did I spend my labor day?

Why, laboring of course…

FYI: If you ever occasion to need to replace the fork oil seals on a 1997 Honda Shadow VLX Deluxe, A 2 foot length of 5/8″ threaded rod and two appropriately sized SAE nuts tightened robustly against each other at one end serve admirably in lieu of Honda Special Tools 07930-KA50100 (holder attachment) and 07930-KA40200 (bottom holder handle).

Oh…and the 39mm seal driver tool 07947-4630100? A 3 foot length of 1 1/2″ PVC pipe works just as well.

‘Cause you never know when THAT information might come in handy.


8 thoughts on “How did I spend my labor day?

  1. Now why didn't I think of that? This "special tool" thing stopped me in my tracks yesterday. I was going to try to Dremel a hex head on a wooden dowel. I feel silly now.

    Glad I found your post.


  2. They were standard, 5/8" nuts. I didn't measure across the outside area, but just buying the stock ones from the hardware store worked fine.

  3. You say 5/8 nuts…is that for both ends? Isn’t the inner part a metric size, and if so, I suppose the equal to 5/8 in metric would be just right? How about the allen hex key for the bottom of the fork, what size was it, or did yours have that? My bike is a 95 Shadow, VT600CD VLX. Great information – thank you for posting it

  4. No, you put both nuts on the same end, tightened against each other. This is to keep them from spinning while using them to hold the inner works while taking it apart.

    As far as the hex key at the bottom, I’m out of the country right now so I can’t check and I don’t remember. I’ll be home on the 15th of October so I’ll try to check it out and get back to you then.

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