I’m Back

Well, our trip got cut short due to Gabriel. We went down Friday morning, set up camp and hit the beach. I got to use the 4WD on my truck to drive down onto the sand. I discovered that I really need to get better off-road tires if I’m going to do much of that.

We hung out on the beach for a while and then headed back to the campsite for dinner. Had some cold fried chicken and potato salad and then went back down to the beach after dark for a nice bonfire.

We had time to roast up some marshmellows for Smores before a park ranger came by to let us know that they have fire restrictions in effect…no outdoor burning…and we’d have to put out the fire. Bummer.

Anyway, we had a good evening on the beach. After a decent nights rest, my tent mates acknowledged that I was right, I snore. I had offered them earplugs if they wanted them but they didn’t take me up on it so that’s on them.

After breakfast burritos and coffee, we saddled back up and headed back down to the beach. A couple of us got non-resident fishing licenses and did some fishing…a couple had brought surf boards and did some surfing. A couple built an Edwards-esque sand castle…probably not quite 28,000 square feet, but close. We tossed around a football, did some reading, laid out in the sun and just generally enjoyed ourselves.

Shortly after lunch, the rangers came back around and told us that the park would be closing at 5pm due to the storm so we’d have to clear out.

After milking as much beach time as possible out of the day, we went back to the campground, packed up and headed home. We got back to Norfolk at about 7:00 pm on Saturday so we even got to attend church on Sunday with our ladies.

Considering that the two guys that coordinated the trip bought about twice as much food as we would have needed even had we stayed the whole three days, we decided to try and schedule another weekend trip sometime soon so the preparations won’t have gone to waste. There are a few campgrounds near here that we can hit without the 6 hour round trip so hopefully, this saga is to be continued.

Even with the minor setbacks, we still had a good time and I’m glad we got the opportunity for a little fellowship.

Notably, there were 15 guys there with no womenfolk. We successfully got there, set up camp, figured out sleeping arrangements, ate three meals, cleaned up after ourselves, broke camp and got home with no assistance and very little drama of any kind. We all made it back healthy, with all fingers and toes and no food poisoning or other mishaps that our women seem to feel the need to save us from on a regular basis.

It was a nice break.


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