"Burma Shave" style ad campaign

David at the War on Guns designed a slide show of billboards similar to the old “Burma Shave” ad campaigns back in the day.

Not only do I like the concept, but I think that the subject “poem” of his slide show is pithy, to the point and creative as well. For that reason, I’m going to embed the slide show in my side bar and leave it there for a while.

It is a great idea and I hope more creative people come up with their own. I’ll think on it and see if I can come up with a good “poem”, but I’m just not the creative type. I’m more analytical and technical than imaginative…in case you can’t tell that from my highly technical writing style.

Update: To get it to look right, I had to put it up top rather than in the sidebar. Sorry if all my reposting to get it to look right messed things up for those with feed readers.


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