Lies and Blatant Lies

Upon reflection about my last post regarding the ridiculous AP story about the Philadelphia teen and his “weapons cache” consisting mainly of airsoft guns, it occurred to me that I blew by the most egregious part of the story much too quickly.

The local news reported that the only actual firearm that the suspect had was a 9mm handgun.

But somehow, the AP “journalist” reported that the firearm was an “assault rifle”. I can almost understand jumping from “scary looking semi-automatic rifle” to “assault rifle.” I mean, journalists really should know better and, if they don’t, should do a little research before regurgitating propaganda; but it is ALMOST understandible.

But how does one innocently mistake a HANDGUN for an “assault rifle”…especially when the DA and local news identified it clearly and unambiguously?

That stretches credulity just a little bit. Nope, no agenda here.

Just to be clear…I’m not condoning the actions of the teen and I’m definitely not condoning the parents buying him a handgun…I’m not saying that the police did not avert a potential disaster in arresting the kid and/or his parents. I’m only saying that the APs inaccurate reporting on the incident just furthers the recent impression of a media agenda with regard to “assault weapons” and “assault rifles.” When even handguns are being so characterized, the propaganda effort is clearly in full swing.


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