M1 Carbine Part 9: Major group reassembly

In M1 Carbine Part 1, we took a look at the external condition of the new old CMP M1 Carbine.

In M1 Carbine Part 2, we disassembled the M1 Carbine into its major groups.

In M1 Carbine Part 3, we disassembled the Trigger Housing Assembly into its individual components.

In M1 Carbine Part 4, we disassembled the bolt without using the M1 Carbine Bolt Tool (don’t try this at home kiddies).

In M1 Carbine Part 5, we removed the components from the stock and receiver that were necessary to remove for inspection and discussed those items not removed.

In M1 Carbine Part 6, we examined the component markings and determined whether the parts are correct for the period and manufacturer.

In M1 Carbine Part 7, we reassembled the trigger housing group.

In M1 Carbine Part 8, we reassembled the bolt without the benefit of an M1 Carbine bolt tool.

This time, we’re going to reassemble the few components that we removed from the stock and receiver, then the debut of my new video “Reassembly of M1 Carbine Major Groups.”

The only things we removed from the Receiver itself were the gas piston and gas piston nut.

I removed them using nothing more than a punch and hammer and a pair of pliers. By the time I got to the point of reassembling them, I had received my handy-dandy Piston Nut Wrench from the CMP E-store. They don’t seem to carry them any more but they can still be had at Numrich Gun Parts.

Reinstalling them is simple. The piston goes into the well flange first.

Then get the nut started. It has standard, right hand threads.

Then use the wrench to snug it down.

When clean, properly installed and correctly operating, the piston should slide in and out of its own weight when the receiver/barrel is tipped back and forth.

The only things removed from the stock were the butt plate and the recoil plate and screw.

The buttplate is pretty self-explanatory…pop it on and install the screw.

The recoil plate isn’t much more complicated.

There is a lip on the recoil plate that holds it into position. The recoil plate is lowered into the receiver well in the stock…

…and then slid to the rear into position. This engages the lip on the recoil plate into the stock wood.

Then it’s just a matter of installing the screw.

That’s it. As was mentioned during disassembly, there are other components on the stock/receiver that can be removed, but not easily and removal should only be performed for repair/replacement of those items. They didn’t need to be removed for inspection and, so, they weren’t.

Finally. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. We disassembled the carbine into its major groups, disassembled, cleaned and inspected the components in those major groups and then reassembled the major group components.

Now to reassemble the major groups into a working rifle. I’m proud to present Lone Sailor Productions first video feature: M1 Carbine assembly:

[Update] The original video’s audio was very low and hard to hear. I updated the video with a voiceover of the audio descriptions. The below video was changed to the new version. [/Update]

Drum roll please…

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2 thoughts on “M1 Carbine Part 9: Major group reassembly

  1. After several hours(days) of frustration trying to put back together, after a complete dissassembly and thorough cleaning , a severely mistreated and rusted Inland carbine which I volunteered to clean for a friend , I found your website…..a true oasis in the middle of a Sahara desert of poorly described instructions and diagrams….My appreciation and congratulations……surprisingly the very dirty bore ( I initially feared irreversible corrosion) was back looking like a mirror after a little wire brushing and cleaning…….well made things stay well made for ever…….HJM

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