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Yesterday, Robbie at Urbangrounds had two seemingly unrelated posts up regarding prospective Dear Leader Hillary.

The first involved a Zogby poll wherein 50% of “likely voters” expressed that they would NEVER vote for Clinton. Unsurprisingly, this poll was widely unreported in the MSM but got broad coverage in alternative media.

The second was the one that really got me thinking. It regarded the most recent Clinton finance scandal. In this case, her fund raising follies were widely reported in the MSM; a quick google search revealed stories on CNN, The San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, USA Today etc, etc, etc.

Why would the MSM report such a damaging story about their favorite feminazi? And as far as I could tell, only the NYT reported the counter story from the Clinton campaign wherein they claimed that they returned any money from that fund raiser if they couldn’t independently verify the legitimacy of the donor (they returned $7,000 of the almost $300k taken in)

I think the two stories may be related, if very loosely.

Is it possible that the MSM is waking up to the fact that Hillary has less than perfect chances in the national election should she be the Democrat nominee? It seems that it has been a gradual realization and has taken them quite by surprise. MSM members seem to live in an echo chamber of their own design and often seem to have little understanding about what anyone outside their little self-contained, environmentally controlled, sterilized, homogenized and pasteurized terrarium thinks or feels.

As little as they would like to admit it to themselves, there is a significant portion of America that simply doesn’t like Hillary’s abrasive, win at any cost, cold, calculating, ruthless persona. Some of us flat out think she would be a disaster for this country, but even many dependable Democrat voters simply can’t stand her and don’t trust her.

As the MSM comes to this realization, they also come to the very plausible conclusion that (gasp!) a REPUBLICAN may win the Presidency AGAIN! We can’t have this now can we???

They seem to be slowly realizing that if they want their party to regain the White House, Hillary may not be the best choice of candidate.

Could it be that the normally utterly dependable official Clinton Cheerleaders in the MSM are actively trying to scuttle her nomination bid?

Ain’t politics fun?


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