Oh the irony

A group calling themselves “National Project to Defend Dissent & Critical Thinking in Academia” was a party to shouting down and shutting down an exercise in free speech at Emory University recently.

Whether you agree with Mr. Horowitz or not, how defensive of “dissent and critical thinking” is it to flat out prevent people from saying things that you simply don’t want to hear?

In all fairness, the group makes no bones about what they’re about in their quite verbose and specific Mission Statement. Their entire purpose is to counter and/or block the message of Mr. Horowitz and other right wing academic watchdog and activist groups. With that said, however, one would think that they could come up with a more accurate title for their group. Perhaps something like: “National Project to Defend Leftists from Dissent and Critical Thinking”.

Also interesting is that on their website, there is no information as to the leadership or makeup of their organization. I wonder why that would be?


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