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Police Find Weapons Cache at Teen’s Home

The weapons included a 9mm assault rifle that the teenager’s mother had recently bought for him…Police also found about 30 air-powered guns, plus swords, knives, hand grenades, a bomb-making book…The weapons were plainly visible in the boy’s bedroom…The search did not turn up any ammunition for the most dangerous firearm in the bunch, the assault rifle. Authorities said one grenade was operable and three others were still being assembled. [emphasis added]

Funny how the local news reports that the District Attorney characterized the only actual firearm in the “cache” as a 9mm semi-automatic handgun

Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor said the 14-year-old youth, who had a 9mm semi-automatic handgun purchased by his mother, did not have any ammunition for the weapon…Along with the handgun, police seized 30 air-powered weapons, which fire BB pellets and three homemade hand grenades.

I have to wonder, how many airsoft guns and fake “Conan the Barbarian” swords are there in a “cache?”

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I will say that the local coverage seemed to be much less hysterical than the AP propagandist…er…reporter.

If one 9mm pistol with no ammo and a bunch of toys is a “cache”, the AP would faint dead away if they got a gander of my collection of rifles and pistols, accompanied by well over a thousand rounds of ammo.

As an aside: I also noticed that the AP reporter, Maryclaire Dale, very specifically identified the suspect as “A home-schooled teenager.”

I have to wonder what Ms. Dale has against home-schooling that she would so characterize someone who was pulled out of school only 18 months ago because of perceived bullying.

A minor point to be sure and she was technically correct, but it just seemed that she went out of her way to mention his home-schooled status in the very first sentence of the piece and didn’t bother to reveal that he’d only been home-schooled for “over a year” seven paragraphs later.


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