SKS Update

Just a couple of minor additions to my utility rifle. No real “gunsmithing” here as they were both just popped onto the barrel tri-rail mount that’s been on her for a long time.

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I totally cheaped out on the “tactical light”. It’s a 5 LED “water and shock resistant” flashlight I picked up on sale at Walgreen’s for $5.99. It actually seems to be put together pretty well for what it is. I may buy a couple more at that price just to have laying around. Add a $2.00 low profile 1″ scope ring and viola!, one “tactical light”. I haven’t had it to the range yet to see how it holds up against the minimal recoil of the SKS but even if it craps out immediately, for about $8, it was worth a try.

The bipod is from CDNN Sports and I have to admit I’m pretty impressed with the quality for a $29 bipod. I’ll let you know how that stands up to wear and tear as well.

I’ve got a couple more minor mods coming up that I’ll let you know about after they’re done. It’s slow going right now because our finances are so tight, but she’s getting close to the uber-scary PSH inducing hoplophobe’s nightmare that I envisioned when I started this project many moons ago.


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