Tyranny in California

Word is, Governor Aaahnold (Rino-PRC) has signed both the lead ammo ban and the microstamping bill into law.

I haven’t read either of these bills, as a person who studiously avoids communist states if at all possible, I’ve only stepped foot on PRC (People’s Republic of California) soil three times in my life. Twice was under Navy orders. The one time it was voluntary was many years ago in my younger, stupider days…but I digress.

I would assume that both bills exempt law enforcement cause, you know, they’re the only ones…

Someone correct me if I’m wrong. If I’m right, however, I would hope that fellow gunnies would let it be known to their favorite gun manufacturers that we would not look kindly upon companies who would court the business of a totalitarian state that, as a matter of policy, disarms its people. I know that I’ll be writing to some gun companies about this and urging them to decline to do business with the Government of the PRC.

I know that economic sanctions are generally not effective against totalitarian regimes, but we need to show support to our fellow Americans in the occupied territories. Supporting them in such a way is the least we can do.


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