Very cool new weapons platform

KRISS Super V .45 acp submachine gun.

What makes the weapons special, company and industry officials say, is a new patented operating system that substantially reduces recoil and muzzle climb when fired.

Company tests indicate the mechanism reduces recoil by 40 to 60 percent and muzzle rise by about 95 percent over conventional gun operating systems.

“The reduction in recoil is absolutely amazing,” said Wendy Henry, who works in Pennsylvania for Women In Scope, a TV series that promotes women’s awareness of firearms.

To reach the civilian market, the company developed the .45-caliber carbine. Plans call for marketing it primarily to shooting enthusiasts who would use it for competitions and target practice, but it also could be used for hunting.

“This is not going to be a gun for everyone,” Kushell said.

The video is a little heavy on .45 acp “knockdown power” hype, but informative nonetheless.


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