Vote Buying

Is a highly nuanced and complicated task, subject to evolutionary processes and constant “fine tuning”.

Bringing new meaning to the term “Cradle to Grave”, Prospective Dear Leader Hillary has dropped her $5,000 per vote…errr…baby scheme. Never fear, ever mindful of her responsibility to care for the American People by digging deep into the pockets of…well…the American People, she has come up with a bold new plan to provide for us in our old age rather than young. A 401k contribution matching scheme of up to $1k per year funded by…drum roll please…EVIL RICH PEOPLE, yea!!!

“[The retirement accounts] will begin to bring down this inequality that is eating away at our social contract.” She said, “This is a major commitment to how I believe we can begin to right the balance again.”

I think we should start a pool: How many “Robin Hood Tax” schemes can Hillary come up with between now and the election?

Update: Bruce at No Looking Backwards is on it too.

Update2: Robbie at Urbangrounds is on it too.


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