The Assault on faux "assault weapons"

Ahab and Dustin have covered the details of this story pretty thoroughly already so I won’t redundantly fisk the CNN tripe.

What I want to do is just express my utter disgust.

If the reporters on this piece were unaware that the 1994 ban on scary looking cosmetic features had nothing to do with automatic weapons, then they are incompetent. If they knew and were being intentionally misleading, they are liars.

Either way, what does that say bout the quality of journalism that can be expected on ANY story that CNN presents?

If I KNOW that they got the basics wrong on a story that I have some knowledge about, how can I trust them to properly inform me on an issue about which I have no previous knowledge? If they get this wrong on such a basic level, what would possibly make be believe that they would get ANYTHING right on ANY issue?

Obviously the answer is “nothing.”

And then they sit around in their offices and echo chambers wondering why their industry is dying. It would be funny if it weren’t so frustrating.


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