Coing Soon

Update: Both the SKS and M1 Carbine series of posts are done and ready to be mailed. Operators are standing by to take your orders.[/update]

Just in time for Christmas.

As my regular readers know, my computer recently passed away and I’m relegated to an old (VEEERRRRY SSSSLLLLLOOOOOWWWW) Pentium III backup machine.

I have been wanting to come out of the Wintel darkness and into the Apple Maclight for quite some time now, but I find my finances to be currently insufficient.

I’m not much of a beggar (or bleggar for that matter) so I’m not comfortable with just asking for donations and offering nothing concrete in return; therefore:

I am currently working on rendering my M1 Carbine series of posts into a stand-alone format suitable for burning onto CD. Once that is finished I will put up tip jars and offer to mail a CD version of my M1 Carbine series posts to anyone who donates $7.00 or more to the fund ($5.00 will go toward the fund, the other $2 will cover the cost of the CD and postage).

As soon as I finish the M1 Carbine posts, I’ll start working on the SKS series. After they are finished, donors who give $7.00 will get their choice of the M1 Series or the SKS series.

Also, after both series of posts are ready, anyone who donates $10.00 or more will receive both the M1 Carbine and the SKS posts.

So support a good cause and get something in return. Heck, donate enough to get two and use one as a stocking stuffer for the Little Honey.

I should have the M1 Carbine posts ready and the tip jars up by the beginning of next week so stay tuned.

And Thank You For Your Support.

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1 thought on “Coing Soon

  1. i would like to get you to do a triger job on my sks sounds like somethang i would like my gun to be like.i will get the wolf springs like you wount maile the parts to you.just let me know wheir to mail them to. i will send the 50.00 to you after you are done. if it needs parts just fix it let me know how much. my eamail adress is thank you have a good day john.

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