The deed is done

Quick and easy this time. No ballot initiatives, no local elections. Just the State House of Delegates race between Hank Giffin and Paula Miller and the State Senate race between Nick Rerras and Ralph Northam.

I blogged about Giffin vs Miller earlier because this seemed to me to be the more important of the two. I attempted to contact both Giffin and Northam’s campaigns to find out where they stand on issues important to me and (hopefully) my readers. Neither of them deigned to respond. Neither responded to the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League questionnaire either.

The NRA endorsed Hank Giffin with an “A” rating versus Paula Miller’s “C”. They rated Northam a “B” over Rerras’ “C” but didn’t endorse either one.

Considering that neither Giffin nor Northam have ever held public office before, I was curious as to how the NRA reached their ratings. I asked. As expected, I received no response. You see, to the NRA, it is none of our dam business how they come about their ratings, we unenlightened, lowly members are just supposed to take their word for it, fall into formation and march along like good little automatons.

Funny how they have no problem sending me personal communications when asking for money…but I digress.

The bottom line is that I don’t trust the NRA. They simply don’t have a good enough track record for me to just take their recommendations as gospel unless those assessments are backed up by other information.

Since neither Giffin, nor Northam could be bothered to actually address my concerns, I had no other information to back up the NRA ratings. But those failures to communicate undeniably indicated that the candidates simply don’t give a rat’s petutie about their potential constituents.

Advice to politicians and salesmen: If you want me to buy what you’re selling, you had better be ready, willing and able to tell me why I should. If you can’t or won’t…I’ll keep my money thanks very much.

Miller and Rerras have neither been panaceas for gun owners by any stretch of the imagination, but at least I know where I stand with them. I’ve communicated with both of them regularly and they both ALWAYS respond. I think I’ll go with the devil I know rather than take the chance on ending up with someone who supports the Second Amendment as strongly as Rudy and is probably an elitist ass to boot.

I voted for the incumbents: Paula Miller and Nick Rerras.

Judging by how lonely the poll workers were looking when I was there, I have to believe that my vote will matter. Too bad the candidates didn’t think so.


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