Honest People need not apply

They don’t call the GOP “the stupid party” for nothing.

In a concerted effort to ensure that the least number of Virginians as possible are represented by the Republican Primary Electors, the GOP is going to require primary voters to swear fealty to the party before allowing them to cast a vote.

In other words: if you are honest enough to tell them that, should the Republican Party field a Rino in the Presidential race, you may not support said Rino; you can’t vote in the primary.

So, if I normally vote Republican (as I do) but am not willing to commit my support to a Republican nominee who may not be conservative enough for me (which I’m not), I’m not allowed to help the Republican candidate that I WOULD support to become the nominee?

This is ostensibly to keep Democrats from “sabotaging” the primary by voting for a more liberal candidate than dedicated conservatives would vote for.

HELLLOOOOO! There is no way to enforce the agreement. The only people you are preventing from voting in the Primaries are the ones who are honest enough to tell you that they aren’t partisan Republican ‘bots. Democrats who are unscrupulous enough to try to “sabotage” the primaries are probably unscrupulous enough to cross their fingers when they sign a completely unenforceable and possibly illegal piece of paper.

What that means is that, by trying to keep liberals and independents from “hijacking” the Republican primaries, they are actually making it easier for them to do so. DOH!

I’ve voted for democrats in the past three statewide elections; not because I’m a democrat or liberal…I’d never voted democrat before in my life…because the republican nominees were retards (no offense to the mentally handicapped intended).

The Virginia GOP seems absolutely determined to resign themselves to the very fringes of political relevancy.

In a state as conservative in philosophy and makeup as I know Virginia to be, the only two possible explanations for the number of elections that go to the Democrats are that the Republican Party either doesn’t WANT to win…or is too stupid to do so.

Based upon this latest move…I’m leaning toward “stupid.”

Hat tip to Bitter.


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