I’m Honored

Update: I fixed the link to Walls of the City’s Net Authority listing

You may have noticed my new addition to the sidebar.

I can’t express how humbled I am to have the honor of being listed as an offensive web site by NetAuthority.org.

I am proud to be listed in the illustrious company of Fodder at Ride Fast and Shoot Straight, Linoge at Walls of the City, and Robb at Sharp as a Marble. (Be sure to check out the comments I left on their listings).

I realized that my site had been added to the list when I got my first referral from their listing (click image to make bigger).

Welcome to all readers visiting from Net Authority, take a look around and feel free to comment on anything you find to be “Hateful Material”, “Blasphemous” or “Offensive Political Material”. I welcome contrary viewpoints, enjoy debate and will never stoop to the third grade debating techniques so prevalent in much of our internet discourse today.

Hat Tip to Fodder who originally keyed me onto this by linking to Oscar Poppa.

I submitted Net Authority themselves as an offender for Blasphemy because the very first header on their “Contact Us” page proudly proclaims “We Don’t Make Mistakes”. I don’t know what flavor of Christianity to which they ascribe but my bible teaches that only one human being has ever been able to legitimately claim perfection. I’m guessing that the author of this site is not named Jesus Christ.

Actually, I’m kind of glad they haven’t seen fit to add themselves to the offender list. Their listing would taint the list and would demean the whole thing. Then I’d have to take the notice off my sidebar and everything. No. They may be despicable bigots, false prophets and blasphemers, but as blatant hypocrites, they don’t deserve to be honored with a listing alongside the impressive company of which I am proudly a member.


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